Wyre Forest Green Alliance ‘SUSSFEST’ 30th April – 15th May.

MasLab and Wyre Forest Green Alliance will promote work towards a greener, happier, and healthier future. We will be organising a number of KC students to aluminate the green crisis with the Red Rebels (XR) wake up the town march, bringing the art to the streets of Kidderminster as part of ‘SUSSFEST’.

We welcome any students/staff who would like to participate as a red rebel on Saturday 7th May 12 – 1pm in Kidderminster. KC Red Rebels will march through the town as part of the WFGA SUSSFEST / MasLab Green Crisis. MasLab will arrange costumes and makeup and the Green crisis banners. We really appreciate any staff/students who are willing to take part and your continued support with KC MasLAb Green Crisis.

To express interest, please email