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As a musician Kevyn Gammond started in the Jimmy Cliff band on Island Records – worked with Robert Plant and John Bonham in the Band of Joy, which spawned Led Zeppelin and a host of other names in the music world. His experience includes spells of working for the Netherlands Hollandia Theatre Group alongside the Veenfabriek theatre director Paul Koek. He has written and lectured extensively in the performing arts, consulted on the UK music courses bringing about change in education including setting up the MAS Records Artist Development Programme with Robert Plant and Karl Hyde (Underworld) as patrons at Kidderminster College. He continues his vision with the MAS Lab – Interactions – Collaborations – Art Friction.

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David Shuck spent many years as an automotive consultant with experience of leadership, team-building and charity fundraising. In 2015 he founded Midlands Peacemakers, promoting the United Nations Peace Pledge and supporting those with a similar passion for peace.

On joining MAS Lab this year in the role of Partnership Manager his drive and enthusiasm inspires constructive change in our community projects.

David is equally adept at writing commissioned books about local figures (‘Like Father, Like Son’) amongst other publications as he is at writing creative poetry.

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Mari and Hetty Randle are probably best known as musicians with collaboration at the very heart of everything they do.

Celebrating the spirit of activism through different genres of music and art performance, their band V.O.E. is testament to that love affair – seeing how various styles can come together. They have the power of critical thinking artists to address social issues which they recently investigated while setting up MAS Lab design team, bringing the Migrant X project to fruition by drawing from their graduate degrees in visual communications, fine art, photography and Hispanic and French studies.

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Jonn Penney aspired to acting but got distracted when he formed Stourbridge indie-rock band Ned’s Atomic Dustbin as frontman and lyricist. The band released three studio albums, produced 100+ t-shirt designs and filled multitudinous sweaty venues from 1990-1994 during their hectic and extensive worldwide touring schedule before ‘resting’ in 1995.

The band are now part-time since reforming with all five original members in 2007. They still play large rooms and sell 1000’s of t-shirts. Having worked promotions and publicity for Wolverhampton Civic Hall for 14 years, Jonn  joined Kidderminster College as a mentor/lecturer in Music Performance and MAS Lab as an advocate for peace but not necessarily quiet.


Billa Nanra is in the vanguard of those looking to effect positive change wherever the insight gained from his life experiences of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, homelessness, prison, and probation can be put to productive use.

He joins the MAS Lab family to share knowledge gained from working as a mentor in prisons with the Shannon Trust, with young adults on the Marcus Rashford FAV initiative (Families Against Violence) in Manchester, broadcasting a host of shows on National Prison Radio and delivering workshops in PRU schools in Leicestershire for Juniper Training.

He has recently featured in a remarkable documentary film Slaying The Dragon, sharing his story of incarceration and how the Peace Education Program empowered him to kick a 22-year heroin addiction and get his life back on track.

The documentary was broadcast to thousands globally. Billa is currently focused on training facilitators to deliver the (The Prem Rawat Foundation) programme of Peace Education in the North.

He will be helping MAS Lab to plan and deliver events next year alongside Midlands Peacemakers locally and, hopefully (CLE) Celebrate Life Events, through our colleges in Southwark and Lewisham.

Also, throughout 2022 Billa will continue delivering Virtual PEP Workshops aimed at ex-offender, BAME, and any other groups and individuals at risk.

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Todd is a Human Rights Activist, passionate about the welfare of those denied justice. He is a Mentor to both children and adults, training them in Public Speaking and Debating to improve their communication and social skills. He is also a Facilitator, Organiser for numerous events, and currently a Volunteer Project Manager at Inspire You Charity. Todd is a full-time University Student supporting JJ Vibez (music group from the Kadoma School for the Blind, Zimbabwe); and being Dad is what he loves most


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Leslie Fairclough is a focused motivator, care provider and public speaker, always willing to go those extra miles to make measurable positive differences. Before the age of 18 he had an accolade littered background in multitude of sports. Whilst preparing for competition on the World Sport Karate stage, he was significantly influenced by being trained in performance-based NLP, in the very early days of its introduction to the UK.

By the time he retired from elite sport he’d won English, British, Dutch Open, European and Olympic Cup titles. Leslie went onto develop Higher Level World Success Coaching and Care Company. He is also the founder of the Inspire You Charity.

Leslie was head hunted by the Government's Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and formally invited to take up a Public Appointment in 2001 by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry; in 2005 he was asked to Chair the UK Ethnic Minority Business Forum (EMBF) national Leadership and Workforce subcommittee.

When asked why he thinks he is so successful, he said “because I think and truly believe I will be successful, eventually. I only changed my Karate suits to Business Suits; however, I bought my competitive drive, focus and get-it-done mind-set with me to the world of Charity, Business and Community.”

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Antonio graduated in 2001 with a degree in Digital Media.  After landing a few acting roles in films such as Gladiator (2000), he went on to become an editor on popular shows for the BBC. Over the years has evolved into an award-winning Filmmaker and 3D artist. 

At the helm of video/Art/Photography at Kidderminster College and MAS Lab, his innovative approach integrates various disciplines within a single project.



Scott is the head of MAS Records , of which one of their most invaluable aspects is MAS Lab. Scott's industry background is in a variety of music industry roles including music management, live events and record labels.

He is also a director of SGM Music Group Ltd.



Stuart is business manager for MAS Records. Along with Kevyn and Scott, he was prominent in setting up the MAS Lab project. With years of experience in the education sector, Stuart is passionate in making a difference to young lives by providing inspirational experiences during his time as a Head of Music at a secondary school and in his current role. 


Before joining MAS, Stuart had success with songwriting, with songs being Radio 1 playlisted and used in a wide range of advertisements.