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MASLab had developed from the no longer operational artist development programme 'MAS Records'.


MAS RECORDS was a brand of Kidderminster College, used nationally to showcase the work of our student-artists, with aspirations to perform and record as a part of a band or as a solo artist. Operating for over 20 years, MAS Records worked with over 20 different independent studios and supported approximately 10,000 artists.

Offered were year long courses in RSL Level 2 and Level 3 Creative Music Industry, delivered through integrated project work, formal instruction, coaching and student-artist development. 

MAS was founded in 2001 by Kevyn Gammond (ex-Band of Joy), with Robert Plant (ex-Led Zeppelin) and Karl Hyde (Underworld) as its patrons. MAS was based in Kidderminster College, and ran in our trusted and approved studio locations nationally. 


The course had the following features: 

  • High quality instruction on industry skills 

  • Personalised coaching and mentorship from qualified musicians 

  • Sector leading masterclasses

  • Integrated assessment and project assessments 

  • Weekly practice in professional studios

  • Exposure to the UK music industry

  • Industry showcase gigs

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