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Alison Cope and Kevyn Gammond

As youth crime violence is likely to rise more and more in our areas. Alison Cope (AVC) met Kidderminster College staff this week to help raise awareness about the issues of crime in our area and how we can play a significant role in highlighting the problems of these social issues.

Mas Lab renewed focus on this growing problem, Kevyn Gammond wants to channel our support into action with upcoming events in Kidderminster College. He said; "Alison Cope and Leslie Fairclough from 'INSPIRE YOU' have a profound impact on young people and adults across the UK".

He added; "These people achieve results and have a positive impact on all of our students".

Yvette Kay who was present at the meeting commented; "Alison is a motivational speaker and leaves a lasting impression on the audience, I'm looking forward to future events and working with her".

Yvette Kay and Alison Cope

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