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Art 4 Planet Earth

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

In this time of re-entry, when we are cautiously emerging from a year in isolation and also merging back into action, a new MAS Lab Art 4 Planet Earth Trailer offers the opportunity for Kidderminster College students and the Wyre Forest Green Alliance community (WFGA) to collaborate on the Art 4 Planet Earth Exhibition in October at Kidderminster College.

This new MAS Lab trailer compiles a series of short vignettes documenting the candid situation of climate change in its assemblage of artists, art and ideas, reflecting what Kidderminster College and community understands of the environment, part of the ecosystem, meaning our everyday activities.

The Art 4 Planet Earth Exhibition will bring new life into climate change issues and take a wide range of forms including work inspired by the science of climate change. What we are seeing, hearing and experiencing from Art 4 Planet Earth is the potential of art engagement as an educational tool for today’s climate change issues and is reflected in the ongoing support of its vibrant network of independent artists, thinkers and doers from the community which keeps us all informed on current social changes.

Art Practice, Education and Action is how to craft a better community as we all cope with our collective ecological trauma.

Art can be a unique medium.

Happening Now

New MAS Lab Projects in incubation…

England's grey, unpleasant lands: A poem written and performed by Mari Randle, in response to the climate crisis we are facing.

Filmed and edited by Antonio Meitin

Soundtrack composed by Kevyn Gammond

Recorded and engineered by Jack Humphries

Accompanying artwork by Mari Randle and Hetty Randle

Disabled Artists Project

‘Inspire You’ Bushbury Barns Project

MAS Lab Art Therapy Course

Inspire You Mission Room (Care Covenant Programme)

Grey Cell Green: Kidderminster College Art & Design Project in response to climate change

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