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The team that put together Greta Thunberg's Climate Clock

Climate Clock World encouraged Kidderminster College’s Mas Lab toward innovative thinking with their own climate clock Growbot Sculpture for their No Plan – No Planet Exhibition.

Climate Clock Operations Coordinator, Ellen Zocher’s response to the No Plan – No Planet Exhibition has inspired MAS Lab to lead the way with more climate change events in 2022.

Ellen said “WOW! The clock looks so fantastic in this picture, love this! Thanks for sharing this awesome photo, the exhibit looks amazing and we so value what you're doing to promote climate action.”



Proceeds from the MAS Lab Led Zep t-shirt auction donated by Robert Plant raised £130, which will be given to the Red Cross.

Jonn Penney, Music Performance Lecturer at Kidderminster College and MAS Lab advocate, was delighted to hear his own band, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’s song ‘Happy’ played during the annual BBC 6Music T-shirt Day show.

The show is hosted by Steve Lemacq, who has also been playing a DJ set and introducing the band onto stage at their live shows in London and Stourbridge recently.

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