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Strategic planning is now in process to help grow new Mas Lab hubs throughout the UK.

These hubs will nurture creative communities of politically oriented artists-practitioners-social reformers, where community-based work deals with today’s social changes, utilising visual production spaces for tabling events where art is made and exhibited and where societal issues are debated .

Kevyn Gammond, Mas Lab Curator in Chief, declares: "These 'open call hubs' can become a conduit for social issues, experience and change, used as alternative spaces for workshops, exhibitions and public programs, supported by Mas Lab specialists and community members. It doesn’t matter if it is in a building, a college, an art centre or a pop up shop, even in car parks or out on the street, we want to explore how these open call hubs reflect our past, present and future, while proposing changes that will improve our collective existence learning and growing together."

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