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Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the Migrant X launch evening a success. Their passion, their commitment and good company will now help the MAS LAB to become a stronger creative platform, connecting the arts with social issues. Leading us all to be productive with what we do, why we do it and how we do it. The MAS LAB Clipboard will keep us well connected to creative linking with inspirational people from grassroots through to professional organisations.

Kevyn Gammond hosts Migrant X


Todd Maforimbo

In addition to speakers from the Red Cross and Action Against Torture, Todd Maforimbo; originally from Zimbabwe but now resident in Wolverhampton, spoke at length on the evening and MAS LAB are keen to support him both locally, through providing access to the Music Lab being set up at the Inspire You/Vision Youth Club in Tettenhall and through sourcing similar equipment for use back home in Zimbabwe. More immediately though Todd called to echo the call for help as his homeland reels from the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai and asks that donations be made to United Nations World Food Programme or the Red Cross who are already on the ground. In the meantime, Todd is looking for a suitable venue for a fund raiser and we will post more on this as soon as we can.

Dave Shuck

Following successful collaborations with the college in the past and a relationship with Kevyn Gammond stretching back for many years Dave Shuck says he's thrilled to be joining the MAS LAB team in a volunteer capacity in the role of Partnership Manager. As the last speaker, Leslie Fairclough said at the Migrant X introductory event; "the key to making a real difference comes from joining up the dots" and that means, wherever possible, bringing together and harnessing the talents, abilities, drive and enthusiasm of those individuals and organisations already committed to helping make Kidderminster a safer and more prosperous place. On that basis Dave has already signed MAS LAB up to the UN Peace Pledge and Care Leavers Covenant and is already talking to several organisations focused on battling youth violence and 'county lines' drug dealing.


Migrant X will be surfacing very soon online reflecting on issues raised on the night of the performance. This video material will now compliment the next stage of the MX multimedia performance later this year developing into a larger format. Thanks to artist/photographer Anton Meitin, who expertly captured the work of performances and speakers on the night.

Shared Ground Project inspired by speakers on the night of the MX performance, the MAS LAB is launching a follow-on project called 'Shared Group Project', which is creating a college green space community garden in the Kidderminster College foyer area. I would like to see staff and students come together around important issues; departments in turn helping to care for the garden, creating a social network around this space. MAS LAB awareness days will follow with performances/speakers who have the appetite to stimulate people's interest in the arts, also to address social and political matters and hopefully this will lead us all to more productive, active, engaged and fulfilling lives. Artists in residence Hetty and Mari Randle will be organising our green space in the college foyer shifting the parameters of art, making and creating a unique experience for staff and the public.

MAS LAB Support - MAS LAB are moving into the community and looking at supporting music projects with providing studio equipment and help with training advice.


Email us - send links on issues faced in everyday society!

Thanks to Shirley and team at the New Hair specialists in Worcester who informed us about and how we can help.

Thanks to Simon Godfrey at Music Tribe for all the support with studio and live gear for our performances in and out of Kidderminster College.



What's going on out there?

Book Club (Roddy Doyle, John Mullan): Wednesday 17th April: 7pm - 8:30pm - Kings Place, London

The UK Poverty Crisis with Phillip Alston: Tuesday 30th April: 7pm - 8:30pm - Islington Assembly Hall, London

The New Popularism; A Threat to Democracy: Tuesday 14th May: 7pm - 8.30pm - Milton Court, London

Paul Mason in Conversation: Clear Bright Future: Wednesday 1st May: 7pm - 8:30pm - Kings Place, London

Bias In Britain - The Truth about Modern Racism: Wednesday 8th May: 7pm - 8.30pm - Kings Place, London

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