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There's been no sitting back since last month's Clipboard! Opportunities from people voicing interest in working with MAS LAB have been affirming and will have a hand in shaping our work [see Features].

The MAS LAB's ongoing goal is to raise awareness as a space in Kidderminster College that encompasses Art Performance, discursive and educational work with socio-political conditions of our time which speaks in relation to each other, probably best manifested in the recent ongoing Migrant X production at Kidderminster College.

Highlights this month include MAS LAB World Peace Day at Kidderminster College taking place on 21/09/19; this will be a big spotlight on what we do to show our collective effort and community spirit, all of us at Kidderminster College will be coming together to celebrate 140 years as a college and to share with the local community the opening of the brand new green space, we believe this will help us nourish a thoughtful environment on World Peace Day especially.


Leslie Fairclough

Inspire You Charity Opening Day [11/05/19]

'Today we celebrate what is possible when we work together: Joining up the dots and creating our very first Inspire You centre.'

Kevyn Gammond and Dave Shuck from MAS LAB had a great day out at the opeining of a centre where Leslie Fairclough and his team are now able to increase the time they invest, further develop and improve the training, coaching and mentoring support; and nurture and strengthen the mental wellbeing of young people they serve. Leslie has a wealth of experience and working with him will ensure we will gain a greater insight into the systems he employs.


MAS LAB's partnerships have been out and about in London three times already in May!

Firstly visiting the Windrush Museum in Brixton with the Inspire You anti-knife crime team to see the latest developments in youth violence prevention workshops from our new partners Celebrate Life Events in London.

Secondly attending the Desmond Tutu International Peace Summit at Regents University; on Hate, the Causes, Consequences and Curses; a series of thought-provoking panels and inspiring presentations from people dedicated to promoting dialogue and mutual understanding as powerful antidotes to conflict and violence. Recently awarded significant funding for ten innovative projects in London. Don't be surprised to see them in the Midlands before too long!

Thirdly to attend the Catch 22 workshops in Canning Town to discover how best to collaborate with those actively engaged in making a real impact; despite the difficulties faced during the current spike in knife related violence and county lines drug dealing.


MAS LAB is intent upon developing effective partnerships and collaborations with any organisation focused on similar aims and objectives and anticipate working with them on some exciting educational projects later this year. More information on the next board.



Migrant X showcased performances that showed a wide range of migrant referrals and the basis for a larger body of work. The show put the breadth, depth and continuity of the migrant refugee crisis in context and in doing so underlined the MAS LAB place with an unpredictable mix of art/performances and political commentary and how they intersect.


The Grow Room - Shared Green Project coming to Kidderminster College

Highlights this month include MAS LAB's own Kevyn Gammond visiting Veenfabriek Theatre Company in Holland to spearhead the basis for a larger working partnership. He discussed a selection of Migrant X work being developed for the Pilgrim Fathers 2020 production which will run through July-Sept 2020, his other MAS LAB focus whilst in Holland was to engage with De Veense Bukker Groecentrium Nursery, discussing what indoor plants to buy and forging links to work more closely with us on the Kidderminster College Greenspace Project.

Hetti and Mari Randle have been creative with organising materials and the building of the Green Space room.

There is a large amount of evidence that shows that when you have contact with nature [in or outdoor] you impact a number of different areas including mental health, thus improving memory and concentration.

The Shared Green Project is about the experience of learning and connecting people [MAS LAB awareness days TBA] and green therapy, the beneficial effect on our wellbeing.


Email us - send links on issues faced in everyday society - support local writing/writers.

We needn't look further for inspirational writing than 'The Magical History of Britain' by Martin Wall, published by Amberley Publishers, it really is excellent!

Bob Spitz, an American journalist and author best known for biographies of major cultural figures visited the MAS LAB on Tuesday 7th May to talk with the team here at Kidderminster College about musical forms created by everyday life, industry and agriculture in the West Midlands, he was very impressed by the way MAS LAB presented its work as education to the public.



What's going on out there?

Eve Ensler in conversation with Katherine Viner

Tuesday 28th May: 7pm - 8:30pm - Islington Assembly Hall, London

Arundhati Roy in conversation with Owen Jones

Monday 3rd June: 7pm - 8:30pm - Islington Assembly Hall, London

Extinction, Rebellion and the Future of Protest with Rupert Read, Damian Gayle and chair India Rakusen

Thursday 6th June: 7pm - 8pm - At The Guardian, London

United Nations Pledge to Peace

Great to see our new partners have signed the UN Peace Pledge and MAS Lab will be organising events for inclusion on the Global PeaceCast on September 21st.

In the meantime the UN Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat will be speaking at events in Barcelona, Milan, Paris and Manchester through May, June and July.

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