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O P E N - N O W! - MASLab New Home

Good morning - You wake in the same life you fall asleep in and then you start to wonder whether it’s a dream - but a clever bird finds the right tree.

The MASLab new home at the Jellymans art charity (dream factory) Puxton Lane -Kidderminster will become an artistic adventure sharing the creative energies with fellow artists and appreciators alike. A place generous critical and radical pioneering progressive work to engage a dialogue between the arts and community to tackle todays social and political matters revealing the driving force behind MASLab. We will bring you the latest on MASLab projects and more as well as hear the thoughts of our collaborators in the upcoming review from networking guru David Shuck and Kevyn Gammond and also the challenges which lie ahead for all of us.

Kevyn Gammond - Conceptualist Curator.

Lloyd Stacey (Riverside house project) with KG at the recent Jellyman artist charity event.

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