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Xanadu Plant at Kidderminster College

The Xanadu plant is native to Brazil and has been at Kidderminster College for 4 years! MasLab's Kevyn Gammond: “Nature has always been and will always be a driving force of creative inspiration. From the moment we have memories as kids we have been in nature and have used it to learn. Nature has been a part of our foundational education. Walk around our foyer, around our Grow Room, there it is! A place for creating, displaying and preserving. The Grow Room asks ‘What is a utopia according to a plant?’. They entrust their future to change, throw their pollen or seeds to the wind or wings. If you take the time to look up our Xanadu plant it provides endless forms of inspiration. The simplicity of their needs, their strength, their inherent ability to survive. Playing an important role in the formation of our thinking, personal and life story than we realise. So, let’s all make an effort to preserve the nature around us, not only will the world be a much richer place but our artist influence will continue to grow to inspire generations of students in new ways for years to come. Please support the 8th of May SUSSFest which MASLab is supporting, starting 11am in Kidderminster town centre. The plant has been with us for 4 Years! – Thanks to MASLab's Hettie and Mari for keeping it thriving.

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