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Mas Lab urge you to sign the Petition - Global Peace Education.

Through this petition, the communities of peacebuilders and peace educators around the globe, call upon the United Nations to establish an official Global Peace Education Day. We recall the words of the Yamoussoukro Declaration issued in 1989 by the International Congress on Peace in the Minds of Men initiated by UNESCO that

  • Peace is reverence for life.

  • Peace is the most precious possession of humanity.

  • Peace is more than the end of armed conflict.

  • Peace is a mode of behavior.

  • Peace is a deep-rooted commitment to the principles of liberty, justice, equality and solidarity among human beings.

  • Peace is also a harmonious relationship of humankind with the environment.

Peace is a fundamental human need and a fundamental human right – a positive way of life that is much more than the absence of armed conflict. Peace can be humanity’s greatest achievement, but peace will not happen on its own.

Like every other worthwhile human endeavor, peace requires learning, study, skill building, practice, discipline and right effort. We must prepare ourselves and our children with education, skills, knowledge and experience to build a peaceful world.

We must be prepared to practice peace at every opportunity – in personal, social, political, institutional and ecological spheres of life. We must equip ourselves and our children to face conflict, violence, inequity, and climate crisis with the power of peace.

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