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Here is a quick catch-up from Dave Shuck to bring us up to speed at the start of what promises to be a busy year for MASlab...

It is great to see many of those we look to support emerging from the Pandemic unphased and with stronger determination than ever to make a difference; our prisons advisors Tony McLean and Billa Nanra report great progress and look forward to delivering on more wings and in new prisons throughout 2023; whilst celebrating Billa’s Volunteer of the Year Award from New Leaf Birmingham.

It’s not an easy route and the resilience and fortitude of unsung heroes Tony McClean and his team do not seek but deserve recognition too.

Our London friends, Celebrate Life Events, move from strength to strength and are now providing support and inspiration across London; including a weekly virtual workshop that is enjoyed all over the UK. They stayed active all the way through the Pandemic.

The Prem Rawat Foundation raised thousands for those in need and expanded its Peace Education globally whilst its founder’s amazing book found its way onto the NY best sellers list.

Inspire You and Mas Lab took a setback with the loss of the much-loved and vaunted Mervyn Etienne but his legacy will be those he worked with and supported with such grace and humility. In the meantime, charity founder Leslie Fairclough reports being nearly at the end of his book and preparing a trip to Jamaica for youngsters successful in turning their lives around.

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