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The Power to Change Film was well received in Manchester University on Wednesday May 18th last week, attended by community activists, VRU representatives, local government officials and a panel from Celebrate Life Events (CLE) London, who fielded questions from audience members who agreed to get together afterwards to discuss how best to collaborate in planning local events like those held by CLE in London Boroughs.

Meanwhile Mas Lab advisor Alison Cope featured on Channel Four and we can’t wait to see her reaping the rewards of her efforts and getting the necessary support to widen her activities and bring her unique offering to Manchester before too long.

We noticed Richard Outram and his wife in the audience and couldn’t help but ask if Manchester might follow in the footsteps of Coventry and become a City of Peace and Reconciliation.

Let’s hope news of the film reaches the ears of those in positions of power in Manchester and they help circulate it to schools and colleges where its message of hope can help lift the spirits of kids in need of some peace in their lives.

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