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Mas Lab collaborators and interactive activists have been busy promoting Peace in one form or another all over the UK with Safety Box leader Nathaniel Peat flying the anti-knife crime flag alongside the Metropolitan Police in London and obtaining another years funding from the Violence Reduction Unit; Safety Box whilst Celebrate Life’s Power of Change film is screening all over the UK in community centres and universities and back to back programmes from the Peace Education Foundation have been introduced and are being evaluated in Leeds, facilitated by a team headed by Mas Lab advisors Billa Nanra and Tony McLean. Dave Shuck has joined the team in order to get some recent experience and reports that the level of engagement by attendees is high and their contributions sincere, insightful, and inspiring. Dave continues networking via LinkedIn to form new relationships and is excited by the progress being made. "It's a shame that Kidderminster College and Mas Lab had to part company due to funding difficulties", Dave told Clipboard, but added "I’m sure we will see others, perhaps with even greater passion, take up Mas Lab's more mobile platform in the future; especially if our interaction with Unlocked Graduates develops."

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